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Why Studio Photography is Perfect for Newborn and Maternity Sessions

Updated: May 7

If you're considering booking a session for your newborn or maternity photoshoot, you might be wondering whether a studio setting is the right choice for you. There are pros and cons to having your photos taken in the comfort of your home or in the studio so I’ve taken the liberty of outlining the benefits of studio photography, especially for those heartwarming moments of early parenthood and the beauty of pregnancy.

1. It’s a ‘Rain, hail or shine' kinda place: I’ll be honest my least favourite part of being a photographer is trying to guess the weather. One of the greatest advantages of opting for a studio session is that it's not influenced by unpredictable weather conditions. Unlike outdoor shoots, where rain or wind (my least favourite element) can mean a dreaded “reschedule!” a studio provides a controlled environment where lighting, temperature, and ambience can be controlled. I also have air-con… just saying.

2. Consistent Lighting: Lighting plays a huge role in photography, particularly when it comes to newborn and maternity sessions. In a studio setting, photographers have complete control over the lighting setup. While I do occasionally pull out the soft boxes for additional light, I generally like to opt for predominately natural light as my studio space has multiple large windows that give us all the light we need. It makes it feel more like shooting in a home than a studio.

3. Comfort and Convenience: For parents of newborns or mums-to-be, the comfort and convenience of a studio setting can be a real plus. I’ve got a bathroom, a couch where you can comfortably feed, toys for toddlers, plenty of room for clothing and nappy changes, and all the comforts of your own home really. We can turn the aircon up to make it perfectly comfy for your new bub and I even have a kettle and a kitchen if you feel like a cuppa or need to heat up a bottle. Parents can relax and focus solely on creating timeless portraits without worrying about whether or not their toddler will make it to the public toilet or not!

4. It's safe and it's contained!: Newborns can be unpredictable and young children can sometimes be easily distracted or attracted to danger or water when shooting outdoors. In a studio environment, children are contained within the four walls of the studio so a lot of the dangers and distractions are eliminated.

5. There are no randoms in your photos: While I absolutely adore shooting at the beach it’s often filled with everyone else trying to enjoy the nice weather. I do have ways of shooting around or editing out that g-string bikini that conveniently walked right by your toddler's head as he smiled directly at the camera… but in the studio we just don’t have that problem.

6. We can shoot through the middle of the day: Generally, with outdoor photography, I like to shoot close to sunrise and sunset for the best lighting but being in the studio we can shoot through the middle of the day! In fact, the light coming through the northern window of our studio in the middle of the day is just divine and can create some real magic! Don’t discount the natural light in a studio setting. I’m all about it!

7. And possibly the most important point... you don't have to tidy up!: While I personally love the newborn, messy house, observational chaos vibe, a lot of new mums feel pressured to make sure their place is nice and tidy for a photoshoot. Having your session in the studio completely negates this fact. Even better if your toddler gets stuck into the toys and makes a mess... I'll tidy it up for you! It's a huge weight off a lot of mums shoulders knowing they don't have to get their house 'shoot-ready'.

So while I adore outdoor photoshoots and they absolutely have their own charm, studio photography offers a whole heap of advantages, particularly for newborn and maternity sessions.

If you're interested in coming down to our studio in Brookvale, NSW and experiencing the studio magic for yourself at your next photo session, please click here to submit an enquiry!

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