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Top 5 Northern Beaches (NSW) Family Photo Locations

So you're thinking about having family photos taken? Now it's time to choose your location! We are so lucky to have the Northern Beaches as our backyard (if you are Sydney-based!) and the location possibilities are endless!!! So I've whittled it down to a neat 5 categories for you (you're welcome).

The very first thing to consider is whether there's a location that you go to regularly as a family. A place where you all feel comfortable, inspired or adventurous... A place that helps to tell the story of who you are as a family. Now THAT's a special place and I'd love for you to take me there and show me what you do there!

Otherwise, here are some other ideas that might inspire you...

Location 1: The Beach

Really... what's not to love about the beach? The Northern Beaches have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world (in my opinion). So I'll rattle through some of my favourite beaches and of course why I love them so much.

Right up there would have to be North Curl Curl Beach. It's beautiful at both sunrise and sunset and the sheer cliff face gives it a nice point of difference. If you're feeling adventurous we can wander up and over the cliffs to the ocean pool which has a really awesome rock ledge in the centre of it. A strong contender as far as beaches go.

I also love North Narrabeen with the dunes leading down to the expansive beach. The rockpools there are beautiful and again this location is great at sunrise or sunset.

Collins Flat Beach, Manly (shhhhh) is one of the NB's best-kept secrets till now. It's often quieter when a lot of the other beaches are overrun and the greenery and rock edges that surround the small beach make it seem like something out of... The Beach.

Other notable mentions include Turrimetta, Dee Why Beach along the rock shelf near the ocean pool, Fisherman's Beach, Snapperman Beach up near Palm Beach, Clontarf and Long Reef Beach where the ocean meets the golf course.


Though most kids love the beach sometimes this can work against us depending on their age. If you think your child might be like a heat-seeking missile and gravitate to the waves then sometimes it's best to choose another location unless of course, you're happy to spend most of your time in or near the water (personally, I love this but they're your photos). If you do opt for a beach location and think that maybe you might all end up in the drink then please pack a towel and change of clothes for the ride home.

Location 2: The Bush

Two locations that I love to use when people want to go bush are St Ives Showground and Red Hill at the top of Beacon Hill. St Ives is a nice easy location to get to that offers cut logs to sit on or play around. This location is pure magic at sunset with the light filtering through the trees. I always bring with me a blanket for seated poses and often have bubbles with me for any toddlers that I can't win over with my sheer charm.

Red Hill is also magical with its beautiful red rocks. The expansive area is just begging to be explored and again makes for beautiful photos.

Considerations: As mentioned both these locations are close to or in the bush so bug spray is a must! Also, Red Hill is a bit of a walk. Not a LONG walk but about 5 minutes on a flat wide dirt track that is used for vehicle access. People have brought prams there before but it's a little bumpy in parts.

Location 3: The Lake

The good ol' Narrabeen Lake offers some really beautiful locations to watch the sun rise or fall over the water. It's less busy than a beach and offers nice earthy tones to your images. I particularly like Jamieson Park for the added feature of the boats in the background. It has a very bush meets the water-type vibe. Definitely a location to consider.

Location 4: The Streets

Lately, I've been loving doing a bit of adventuring around the streets. This could be in your neighbourhood, think of a coffee shop you frequent with the fam, or another spot you like to visit like Manly!! Having something to DO on your shoot can make for some truly beautiful images. Getting ice cream, going for a surf, skateboard, playing a bit of basketball... it not only makes for some fun energetic photos but it's certain to win the kid's tick of approval too!

Location 5: Your Home

Is there anywhere that you are more comfortable than in your own home? You'd be surprised at how much there is to do around your house and backyard! Jumping on beds, piggyback rides, backyard cricket. Plus if there's a poo explosion or someone's in need of a snack break it's an easy fix. You also know the safety of your own home so there are no surprises there.

Ready to book your family photo session, now that you have some location inspo? Click here to enquire today. I would love the opportunity to capture the magic of the season your family is in!

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