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Summer Splash Sesh

Are you ready for real joy, real fun and real smiles? 

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I can't tell you how many sessions near the water... end up IN the water. We'll spend the session capturing beautiful moments of connection while the kids are seriously side-eying the ocean or bay. At the end we almost always decide that a splash would be an adequate reward and that's when the magic really happens! There's no apprehension or "I don't want to"s. It's just real, GENUINE, joy! If you're a family that loves playing rather than posing, let's skip the first half and jump straight to the action! 

Price: $149

Inclusions: 5 edited images *Option to upgrade to more

Where: Clontarf Beach

When: Saturday 24th Feb 5:30-7:30pm

Duration: 20 minute sessions

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Things to note... 

You will get wet. Your clothes will get wet. Your hair will get wet. Your undies will get wet. You will need towels.

This is a great opportunity for Dads to really, willingly get involved. Not only do they have to splash their children, they also get to splash their wife. 

We kick off with a couple of nice, dry, family shots and then chaos (fun) ensues. 



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